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Film Locations of TSCC
Film Locations of
Terminator; the Sarah Connor Chronicles
and some other references
from Season1 Episode1=101
(still updating・・・)
---R. Hadley Public Library/Highland High School
---Red Valley High School/Unified School District
---Red Valley Regional Airport=Double Eagle Airport
---B. Barelas Railyard/Santa Fe Railway Shops,Albuquerque
---Sun Rising from the Asbury Apartments in Los Angeles
---Security Trust of Los Angeles, Bank of Albuquerque
---Sarah Cancer Chronicles:Love Message from“Future John”
・102:Gnothi Seauton
---Cameron hit by car, backalley:Sarah's Bike vs Vick
---VALLEY SQUARE MALL 1337, WB Studio Bridge Office Building
・103:The Turk
---Andy Goode's House=Martin Bedell's (in WB Studio)
・104:Heavy Metal
・105:Queen's Gambit
---Chess Competition (in WB Studio, Burbank)
---I Call Shotgun, I Call 9mm. (in WB Studio, Burbank)
・106:Dungeons & Dragons
---SARAH CONNOR's HOUSE, swing in the backyard (in WB Studio)
・107:The Demon Hand
---Dr. SILBERMAN's House (in WB Studio)
・108:Vick's Chip
---City Hall of Los Angeles (in WB Studio)
・109:What He Beheld
---The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
・201:Samson and Delilah
---Church of Father Armando Bonilla, 9th St Bridge
・202:Automatic for the People
---CHARLEY's House next to ELLISON's (in WB Studio)
---SARAH CONNOR'S HOUSE, Blair/Baldwin Hills Oilfield
---Serrano Point, Nuclear Power Plant
・203:The Mousetrap
---Church CHARLEY calling, KILL BILL Church in Lancaster
---Easy Rest Inn(Club Ed) & Gas Stations T1,T3
---Santa Monica Pier
・204:Allison from Palmdale
---ALISON in Cafe, Intelligentsia, Silver Lake
・205:Goodbye to All That
---Martin Bedell's House=Andy Goode's (in WB Studio)
・206:The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short
---Derek&Hot Dog,Culvar City Park, Jesse's Hotel
・207:Brothers of Nablus
---SARAH CONNOR'S HOUSE, Blair/Baldwin Hills Oilfield
・208:Mr Ferguson is Ill Today
---Mexican Church, CROMATIE Terminated, Veluzat Ranch USA
---ELLISON's House next to CHARLEY's (in WB Studio)
・210:Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point
---Pershing Square, DAKARA Systems
---John Henry's Statue, Talcott West Virginia USA
・211:Self Made Man
---Pico Tower Story
---Movie Theater in 1929 (in WB Studio)
・212:Alpine Fields
---FIELDS Family's House=Dr. SILBERMAN's (in WB Studio)
・213:Earthlings Welcome Here
---Desert Canyon HEAT & AIR in Agua Dulce
・214:Good Wound
・215:Desert Cantos
---Funeral Desert Canyon HEAT&AIR, Warner Bros Studio
・216:Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep
・217:Ourselves Alone
---DEREK&JESSE's Apple Shooting, Blair/Baldwin Hills Oilfield
・218:Today is the Day (Part1)
・219:Today is the Day (Part2)
---USS Jimmy Carter Submarine is a set in WB Studio
・220:To The Lighthouse
---KALIBA's Warehouse No.1, Port of Los Angeles
---Armory of Human Resistance
---Lighthouse, Point Vicente Light, Palos Verdes peninsula
・221:Adam Raised a Cain
---Catherine Weaver's House
---REESE Brothers' Cemetery (DEREK & KYLE)
---Attack of the 50 ft. Woman
・222:Born to Run
---ZEIRA CORP. Weaver's Office is a set in WB Studio

virtual trip 空撮 ロサンゼルス U.S.A.
バーチャル・トリップ 空撮 ロサンゼルス USA
ジェームズ・キャメロン 世界の終わりから未来を見つめる男

JAPAN in Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles

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